Reindl Printing is a commercial printing company located in central Wisconsin. We have been serving clients in the Midwest, United States, and Globally for over 36 Years. Reindl's services include layout and graphic design, digital variable printing, conventional offset printing, UV printing, web printing, bindery services, and mailing and fulfillment services.

Reindl’s UV offset presses use specially-formulated UV inks which cure instantly when exposed to ultraviolet light. This process results in a more vibrant and durable image on a wide range of papers. UV printing also allows Reindl to achieve various coating textures and special effects inline on press, saving you both money and time.



Get Noticed with Reindl’s UV Printing Capabilities

Why UV Inks?


 • UV inks are more environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional inks, UV inks are

    99.5% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free.

 • UV inks cure almost instantly, reducing the possibility of offsetting and ghosting.

 • UV inks are more resistant to scratching, smudging, scuffing and rubbing.

 • UV inks provide a crisper look to text and graphics, especially on uncoated papers.

 • UV printing increases special effect coating capabilities.



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